• Gas Water Heating Solutions

    Gas Water Heating Solutions

    Liquefied Petroleum & Natural Gas Water Heating Solutions.

  • Tankless Water Heaters

    Tankless Water Heaters

    A tankless water heater is an energy-efficient water heating system that heats water only when it´s needed and supplies a constant flow of evenly heated water.

  • Flexible Gas Piping

    Flexible Gas Piping (CSST)

    TracPipe is a durable easy to install alternative to copper and composite (plastic) piping used in buildings. TracPipe will save you time and money in any new or retrofit installation.

  • Liquefied Petroleum & Natural Gas

    LP Gas is a mixture of two hydrocarbons namely propane and butane and is classified as Liquefied Petroleum Gas which is stored in closed containers.

  • Gas Design & Installation

    Gas Design & Install

    We offer professional gas system design and installation services to ensure optimum efficiency in operation and appliance performance in your building and development.

Benefits of using gas heating solutions.


Electricity Free

Fuel Switching

Be free of ESKOM and take total control over your heating requirements without any interference from load shedding.

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

By using gas as a heat source means that you only pay for what you use and therefore reducing your utility expenses.

Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Our gas heating solutions provide up to 40% more energy efficiency than conventional methods and deliver hot water on demand.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Our solutions offers no element to replace, no breaker that will need to be replaced, faster installation time – less that can go wrong.

Benefit Details

Compare Heating Solutions

Our water heating solution comparison table will help you make an informed decision on what your next heating solution will be.


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