Natural Gas

Industrial uses for natural gas

Industrial uses for natural gas

  • Furnaces /Kilns
  • Powder Coating Plants
  • Heating of ovens for smelting
  • Moulding processes
  • Combustion Burners
  • Various manufacturing processes
  • In compliance with SANS 329

Composition of Natural Gas

Gas classified as Natural Gas is primarily composed of methane gas.

NG is normally supplied by a reticulated underground pipeline.

Why use Natural Gas?


NG has a lower running cost to the business owner. This is due to the fact that most of the energy content of NG is converted into heat.

Eco Friendly

NG is clean burning. This make is the perfect energy source for oneĀ“s home and the environment.

NG Gas produces less Greenhouse Gas Emissions compared to conventional energy supplies.

NG is also non toxic and will not contaminate soil or aquifers in the event of a leak.

Gas Train

A properly designed gas train will ensure that equipment delivers its optimum level of efficiency.

Pipeline Infrastructure

Natural gas is available in most of the more established industrial areas. Expansion of the reticulation supply area is an ongoing process.