Distributor for Pietro Fiorentini Gas Regulators. Complete gas control.

In every Pietro Fiorentini plant our experience lives in innovations and ongoing challenges that thrust us every day towards the future.

We are in for a constant evolution, in line with our customers' highest expectations, in terms of quality and competitiveness.

We are the leader group in creating technologically advanced products and services for natural gas distribution and use, targeting our research on the coverage of all needs.

Our aim is to be a step ahead to the present, towards the finishing line, crossing borders. There is where we want to be, as a Company that has always improved its products, with a custom technology and an after sale service program always marked by a high grade of professionalism.



Pietro Fiorentini has always been a main character in the long path of oil and gas.

We have never stopped in our 80 years of experience: we always headed towards renewal, facing everyday challenges that have always driven us to the quest for a constant improvement, from projects to implementation, from our activities to our everyday life.

We head towards excellence with the certainty of commitment. the right men, at the right time, in the right place: this is our profile for our customers. Aware that every our service wants to create a benefit, offering in advance what will be requested, that is reliable products, lighting ideas, and a clear vision of tomorrow.

Our history, always headed towards the future, made us the leader group in the production of advanced services for natural gas distribution and exploitation, with 11 facilities all over the world.

We drive the change applying the most modern technologies to the dreams and hopes of new generations, and promoting the development of safe, clean and low emission energies, in the continuous improvement for a better future.