Gas Heating Benefits

Gas water heaters are not restricted by water quantity demand and will supply an endless amount of hot water so everyone get a hot bath.

Benefits for Developers

As a developer, one is constantly faced with big decisions. Where to purchase the land, and how much land to purchase. What type of housing to place on the land? What types of amenities to offer?

But when it comes to energy choice, you can relax. By choosing Gas for your new community, you can provide customers with a premium alternative to electricity without the need to pay for expensive extensions to the nearest main line. In fact, gas, especially LPG is ideally suited to the fast-growing new rural and exurban developments where access to natural gas or high volumes of electricity does not exist.

Worried about the appearance of LPG tanks across your development? No problem. Today, durable underground LPG tanks are available in sizes that can serve a single house or a whole community. That benefit, combined with LPG’s versatility, reliability and efficiency, will help to make LPG one of the fastest-growing energy choices for developments across the country

Benefits for Builders

As a builder, you have a tough job. Your customers expect the home of their dreams within their price range. In addition to delivering imaginative, economical and practical floor plans, you must provide energy sources that will be cost-affective, efficient and comfortable for the life of the home.

Energy Efficiency

Gas burns hotter and more efficiently than many other fuel choices. A gas furnace can heat air up to 25 degrees warmer that an electric heat pump, while a gas water heater recovers hot water nearly twice as fast as a comparable electric unit. Gas can also deliver hot water on demand as needed.

Enhanced Sales Value

At a time when home values are declining and energy prices are rising, energy-efficient home command premium prices. By using gas as a fuel source for major appliances, you can generate a higher initial sale price and position your customers for higher resale value down the road.

Improved Curb Appeal

Using gas does not have to mean adding an above ground tank or cylinders outside the home. By installing a centralized tank with metered gas services in large development or a single underground tank to fuel one home you can eliminate a buyers objection to visual intrusions on their landscape.

Environmentally Friendly

As an internationally recognized approved alternative energy source, gas is safe, nontoxic and nonpolluting. When burned LPG emits less than half the CO2 as electricity produced by coal fired power plants and its emissions dissipate quickly from the atmosphere. Home buyers can feel good about helping to conserve energy and protect the environment while enjoying the comfort and cost efficiency of their new home.

Redundant Energy Source

Gas generators help homeowners quickly restore power to essential systems in the event of a power failure. Today’s home owner wants more options and more flexibility. By offering your customer the ability to choose gas appliances over electric, you strengthen your position as their builder of choice.